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Mоя отметка: Мой ГородО насПрисоединяйтесь


Mоя отметка: Мой ГородО насПрисоединяйтесь


Вдохновляющие истории в рамках кампании «Моя отметка: Мой Город» - следите за основными моментами дискуссии в сообществе здесь.

So excited to share a project we have been working on with @museumfortheun, a dynamic and inspiring campaign called #MyMarkMyCity. Throughout history, art has proved one of the most powerful and effective tools for communicating complicated or controversial subjects. Artists play hugely important roles at the heart of our communities and society - as public voices, change-makers, influencers and inspiring voices. Their work not only helps us reflect on our past, it helps us imagine different futures. For #MyMarkMyCity we commissioned a series of emerging artists working around the world to create pieces exploring issues of climate change and the future of their cities. The works vary from performance pieces, workshops to films and installations. Each artist has stimulated conversation about the urgency of climate emergency response in their community experiencing a mixture of reactions which we will also be sharing. One of these artists is Ethiopian photographer Abel Gashaw (@abelgashaw_visual ) who chose to document the “Green Legacy”, an ambitious, and somewhat controversial tree planting project led by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Abel is aware of sceptics around the campaign and he wanted to present an objective view, capturing the difference in opinions about the project. His overall impression was optimistic: “Despite the problems, this is the first mass planting campaign in Africa and paves the way to amazing solutions to keep cities green and combat climate change.” Read more here: More fantastic pieces to come soon! #ISHKARstories. @ ishkarartisans
My Mark My Chennai! 📢 Chennai is marked! Chennai is one of the first global cities where one of the brightest young people; including community leads, youth led startup CEOs, climate activists, knowledge platform leads and many more active citizens- sat on a regular looking friday evening and made it unique with discussions, solutions, visualisations, brainstorming, QnA, and a 1 hour long video conference with link to Copenhagen @museumfortheun . The impact will be marked in the history in coming months and years for local action in Chennai! As of now. We have marked. Have you? This is just the beginning of a ten year long term association and dedication that we entered recently with Museum for the United Nations, a new and visionary global museum. Highlights of the session: Introduction of UN Live and #mymarkmycity / #mymarkmychennai campaign to participants. Workshop intro and survey Solutions and Creative Ideation : Ideas posted online through relevant hashtags. Video conferencing QnA to clarify more regarding the campaign. More info here: To get involved locally or bring UN Live to your college campus, please drop a mail at About My Mark: My City: MY MARK: MY CITY initiative by the Museum of the United Nations- UN Live in collaboration with Indian Youth Cafe is asking young people to imagine and act on positive visions of our future cities. The campaign is already live in many cities like Anchorage, London, Copenhagen, Karachi, and many other cities are joining in. Cities are home to the majority of the world’s population, and fundamental to the challenge of climate change. If we act now then we can create sustainable cities that work for people and the planet. Got solution to 🔵 #climatecrisis? Mark your Chennai specific solutions with #mymarkmychennai #mymarkmycity @indianyouthcafe @museumfortheun and be a part of this unprecedented virtual experiment. #chennai #climateaction #youth2030 #climatechange #climateaction #noplanetB #FridaysforFuture #Solutions #GlobalScalableSolutions #sdg11 #climatesummit #unyouth #youthforfuture #socialspaces2talk #climatesolutions @ urbandesihouse